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tanzania international kiswahili festival

COMING UP OCT 28, 2023

"Immerse in vibrant Swahili culture at TISWAF! Savor authentic cuisine, music, & art for a unique, family-friendly celebration in Toronto.

"Unveil the magic of East Africa at the Toronto International Swahili Festival!

🌍 Dive into a colorful celebration showcasing exquisite Swahili traditions, melodious music, captivating dance, and delectable cuisine, all nestled in the bustling heart of Toronto at 237 Sackville St, ON M5A 3G1, Canada! Engage with the enchanting Swahili language, explore a tapestry of unique arts, and flaunt in the latest Swahili fashion trends. From engaging language enthusiasts to those keen on unravelling cultural mysteries, this festival is a treasure trove for all! Connect, celebrate and be part of the multicultural mosaic that is Toronto with the vibrant Swahili community this summer. A day filled with fascination awaits you – mark your calendar for an unforgettable dive into Swahili splendor! #SwahiliFestival #TorontoEvents #CulturalFest #EastAfricanCulture #SwahiliArt #SwahiliMusic #SwahiliFood"

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